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BCAA's can be a super helpful part of your workout regimen. These products help extend your time to fatigue by providing valuable branch-chain amino acids. Also known as the 'building blocks' of muscle, these nutrients not only help provide immediately usable fuel for your muscles during your workout, they also help your muscles recover faster afterwards- meaning you can get back at it again very quickly. And walk up and down stairs after leg day without feeling like you are getting stabbed in the butt with a knife. 

Many of these amino acid supplements are VERY similar, which is why I knew I had to help you guys out and finally publish some of my own BCAA reviews. In this section I'll help you find more info on all the top amino acid products that your'e researching and looking to buy on Amazon and Bodybuilding.com and stuff. I think you'll find my BCAA reviews quite helpful as you decide which one is the best for you. 

Anyways. I'll spare you my rambling. Scroll for my reviews, sorted by date posted. And as always be sure to check out my top ten lists for the best pre workout for women, best protein powders, and best fat burners, which I'm always updating annually when new pre workouts come along (I've reviewed over 500 products here on the site so far!) Hope you find these reviews helpful. If you want to get in touch hit me up on Google Plus or Twitter :)

KION Aminos Reviews have finally arrived here on the blog and I’m VERY excited to share my thoughts on these new EAAs that are one of the first among a wave of EAA reviews that I’ll be producing over the next few weeks. As you guys know EAAs are the hot new item in sports nutrition so it only makes sense that I would dive into one of the most popular new brands in the business and see how they’ve done. Today we’re going to discuss KION in DEPTH- focusing mostly on the formulation, the flavor, and any effects that I’ve noticed so far. If that sounds good to you, let’s begin.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017 15:24

Ghost BCAA Review- As Good as I Expected or Not?

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Ghost BCAAs are the latest product to go under my microscope and I'm pretty darn excited about it. After all, this product is one that we've only just seen come available in the last few days and so I love that I was actually one of the FIRST ones to get my hands on it to conduct this review. As my BCAA Reviews section gets more and more robust, this was one of the best new BCAA products to try. In my in-depth analysis of Ghost Lifestlyle's new BCAA product, we are, in true Allie Lewis fashion, going to totally dive into all elements of the product. From the flavors, to the ingredients, to the packaging, we are certainly about to roll up our sleeves and dive in head-first. The Ghost BCAAs are poured out in front of me and waiting for their close-up reviews, so let's get Ghosted!

Mister Calum Von Moger would certainly be happy that I’m doing my SECOND Staunch Nation supplement review- this one on the brand new Staunch BCAA + Hydration product. In this Staunch review, I’m going to do a handful of things. A big, Calum Von Moger hand, at that. So that’s a big hand. And I can only imagine what he can do with those big hands. If ya know what I mean. Oh dear. I’m already off on the wrong foot in the Staunch Supplements BCAA + Hydration review. Sigh. I suppose Calum just has that effect on me. I should probably cool my jets before the lovely Miss Karina Elle comes after me though! She’s such a babe. I’m jealous. But I love her. Okay. Let’s TRY and stay on track, Allie. In this Staunch BCAA review, I’ll talk about the flavors (I tried both), the formula, the packaging, and of course wrap things up with a value grade, which takes everything into account. So. Are you ready for this? Let’s jump in.

This Fitmiss BCAA review is going to be short and sweet. Just like the product. You’ll see what I mean by that as we get this review underway. I’ll talk about the flavors of Fitmiss BCAA, which of the two flavors is best, and also the formulation of the product. So you will be able to tell if it’s actually a quality product or if it’s a bad deal. I think you’ll find my opinion very helpful as I review the Fitmiss BCAA product. I’ve tried almost all of the other Fitmiss products, so this should round out my Fitmiss reviews nicely. Oh. We’ll also talk about the packaging. Because I love talking about looks. Because I’m shallow like that. So let’s begin.

So. I suppose we should discuss the Afterburn Aminos that are on everybody’s mind. Yes. I’m talking about the Afterburn Aminos from sixpackshortcuts new house supplement brand called, hem, I don’t even know what it’s called. Ah. There it is Afterburn Labs. Interesting. But. Yeah. I am off to a choppy start here. Let me tell you what we’re going to cover in this review. The main thing is the formulation. I’ll tell you what’s in it, and if it’s worthy of its rather hefty price tag. The next thing I’ll do is talk to you about the flavor. Do Afterburn Aminos taste good? What is the best flavor of Afterburn Aminos? You probably need this info. And I’m going to give it to you. The last grading criteria for our amino acid reviews is of course the packaging. Do Afterburn Aminos look the part? I’ll also tell you any performance notes after having worked out with Afterburn Aminos twice now. But. Usually these BCAA supplements all perform more or less the same. Let’s get the review started.

1Up Nutrition Her BCAAs are all over my Instagram lately so I figured I might as well write you a nice little review. I’ve done a few 1Up Nutrition Reviews in the past and I can tell you that I’ve had sort of mixed experiences with this company. While I do like their Whey Protein, I was not a fan of their pre workout at all. But maybe I would like their BCAA’s. So in this 1Up Nutrition Her BCAA review I’ll tell you what I like about and don’t like about the product. I’ll discuss the TASTE, the formula, and of course packaging before coming to a final conclusion. I’ve only just recently started reviewing BCAAs here on the site, and I think 1Up Nutrition BCAAs are a great fit for this new section. So if you’re looking for a ton of info, delivered with a ton of pizazz, than I’m YOUR woman! Let’s get the review started.

Pretty Fit BCAA Burn Reviews were almost nowhere to be found. Until, tada! Fit Life Allie decided to get her hands on some Pretty Fit BCAA and give them a shot. These BCAAs from new company Pretty Fit have been tried and tested for about a week now, and since I’m on a roll with my BCAA reviews as of late, I figured it is as good a time as any to bear down and put y thoughts onto paper for you guys. So in this Pretty Fit BCAA BCAA Burn Review, I’ll give you the whole story. I’ll talk flavor, formula, packaging, and so much more. So if you’re pretty sure that you’re pretty close to buying some Pretty Fit BCAA Burn, I’m pretty glad you found my Pretty Fit Review. Because it’s going to be pretty dang informative. Let’s start the show.

BPI makes a great BCAA product, we all know that. But it is actually the BEST BCAA? I’ll let you know in this BPI Sports Best BCAA review. In this BPI Sports Best BCAA review I’m going to tell you all about the product including what you probably want to know the MOST about it- which is of course what is the best flavor of BPI Best BCAA? Well, I’ve tied FOUR flavors of BPI Best BCAA and I will tell you what my favorite one was. In this review I’ll also cover the formula and let you know what’s in each scoop. The last part of the review will focus on packaging, which is also important, since looks are half the battle anyways! I’ll make this review detailed but fun and light-hearted so if you are ready for some BPI Sports BEST BCAA review time, than so am I. Let’s begin.

How about a BCAA review for a change?! I’m excited too. Our first EVER BCAA review will be on the Ideallean BCAA’s, from Idealfit. In this review I’ll go over a few really important aspects of the product, including the flavors, the the flavors, and the flavors. Lol. Just kidding. But not really. I really am going to spend most of this review talking about the flavor. But I’ll go over several other aspects of the Ideallean BCAA’s as well- including, but not limited to, the packaging, the formulation, and of course the price-point/value. So if you are ready to learn literally everything you could ever want to know about the Idealfit BCAA drink, you are in the right place, and I’m ready to impress you with my fun, energetic, review style. Who’s ready for a fantastically amazing Idealfit BCAA review? You are! Woo! Let’s do this!