Protein Ice Cream Reviews 2017: Halo Top vs. Enlightened & More...

Protein Ice Cream Reviews 2017: Halo Top vs. Enlightened & More... (2)

Protein Ice Cream? Why not. Why not add some protein ice cream reviews to my site. I figure all of us are eating them anyways, so I should probably take it on myself to tell you what the best protein ice cream on the face of the planet is. I’m going to review, over the next several weeks, all of the best protein ice creams on the market. I’ll start with the one that we’re all most familiar with, and move on to some of the lesser-known or newer protein ice cream companies. Of course we’re talking about Halo Top, we’re talking about Enlightened Protein Ice Cream, and we’re talking about Breyers new healthy ice cream. The thing is, these protein ice cream companies are all so new that you guys might not have tried them all. But I’m going to. And I’m going to share all of my protein ice cream reviews with you right here on the BPW. So let’s do this! As with all of my reviews, I'll review the protein ice cream on a few key criteria. They are: 

  1. Flavor: What does this protein ice cream taste like? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it sweet? Creamy? What is the best flavor of this particular protein ice cream? The worst flavor? You know I'll do a great job evaluating the flavors. 
  2. Ingredients and Healthy-ness: Is this particular protein ice cream healthy? Sometimes the 'healthy' versions can be so loaded up with artificials that they aren't really that much healthier than regular ice cream. So I'll go into a ton of detail on that. 
  3. Packaging: You guys know I'm a packaging buff, so of COURSE I'll spend some time going over the packaging elements of these protein ice creams. I love some of them already so in my head I'm like, foaming at the mouth to get going. 
  4. Value: Price point.. Of course this is important. Are we paying $4 for a pint or $12 for a pint? I'm going to spend some time weighing these protein ice creams against their price. We all want a good value from our purchases so this is the section where I'll let you know if each protein ice cream is a good buy or not. 

And those are the four criteria that I'm going to use to measure the effectiveness of these Protein Ice Cream Reviews. Each time I publish a new protein ice cream review you'll be able to see it linked from this page so bookmark, share, do what you need to do to make sure you catch all of the protein ice cream reviews I'm about to write for you. I hope you enjoy. 

Enlightened Ice Cream is quite delicious. I’ll throw that out there right off the bat. In this in-depth Enlightened Protein Ice Cream review, I’m going to discuss a few things. The first, is a super fun, well-written breakdown of what Enlightened tastes like. Obviously taste is the most important thing we all care about when analyzing these protein treats, so of course I’m going to spend tons of time talking about flavor. There are 21 different flavors to try, and I can tell you which is the best flavor of Enlightened ice cream. In addition to flavor, I’m going to breakdown the ingredients and macros of this high protein ice cream so that you can know how healthy it is (or isn’t!). I’ll keep things going with a packaging / label review, and close off with a value score. Prepare for Enlightenment!

Halo Top Reviews are pretty easy to find on all the fancy blog sites by all the fitspo guys and gals. But you just found one that is a little bit better. A little bit MORE thorough. A little bit more comprehensive. In this, my very first protein ice cream reviews, I’m going to talk about the fist name that comes to mind when you think of protein ice cream- HALO Top. That’s right. Those gold-lidded little pints were consumed in mass in quantities by yours truly to figure out a few things- namely What’s the Best Flavor of Halo Top, and also the second question on your mind- is Halo Top actually healthy or not. In this full review of Halo Top I’m going to tell you BOTH, and also compare it to a few of the other protein ice cream companies out there. So let’s open this pint and dig into my full Halo Top Ice Cream Review.