Women's Fat Burner Reviews

Women's Fat Burner Reviews (97)

What is the best fat burner for women? Over the coming months we'll be adding fat burner and diet pill reviews from all of the top brands, all leading up to a definitive guide titled the best diet pill for women of 2014. We are adding fat burners and diet pills to the best pre workout for women or BPW4W due to the demand and the volume of fans who have reached out asking me to do some reviews on diet pills. The landscape can certainly be difficult to navigate, with so many supplement companies offering thermogenics and diet pill options- so I am more than happy to help my fans choose the one that meets their needs best! As always, if you have an idea for a fat burner for women that you've found at GNC or online, and you think it would be a good fit for my reviews site, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?subject=New%20Product%20Review%20Idea”">reach out to me via e-mail and let me know.

This Hourglass Fat burner review is going to be the best one you’ve read so far, so let’s get that out of the way right now. This popular new weightloss product is one of the ones I’ve had on my radar for quite some time now, so I am glad that I’m finally getting a chance to get my thoughts down on paper here for you. In this Hourglass review we’ll talk about the most important elements of this weight-loss product. I have reviewed literally hundreds of these products at this point, so you can bet your bottom dollar that you are getting one of the most experienced reviewers opinion here on Hourglass fat burner. The first thing I’ll talk about is whether or not Hourglass actually works. I’ve been taking it for two full weeks so I have a great baseline. I’ll also tell you guys about the ingredients, the Hourglass pros and cons, and of course any Hourglass side effects. I’ll even go over the packaging before concluding with my review summary. Let’s get the Hourglass reviews started.

Love Wellness Metabolove reviews are really not that popular yet online and I was having trouble tracking down some good info on this new fat burner, so I decided that now would be a good time, even though it’s the quieter Fall season, to grab a new weightloss product and do a full review. In this Love Wellness review, we are going to do a few different things. The first thing I’m going to do for you guys is go over exactly IF and HOW this Metabolove (formerly called Lean Queen) product, works. I’ll tell you if I lost any weight, how I felt, and basically just tell you what it’s like to try Love Wellness for a few weeks. Once we do that, I’ll go over the ingredients list and tell you what I think about each ingredient in Metabolove. It’s not that complicated of a product so that shouldn’t be too hard. The last thing I’ll do is go over the packaging and then assess a final value score based on the results I got, the price point, etc. And. That’s it- Viola! Let’s get this Love Wellness Review underway.

Alani Nu Fat Burner reviews aren’t that hard to come by, but today I’m going to do my best to share my own personal experience with the product. In this Alani Nu Fat Burner review, I’ll share my own 3-week trial that I conducted with the product, leading up to the wedding that I just went to. No, I was not the bride, unfortunately, but guess what? I looked just as dang good as she did. Lol. No, no I really didn’t, but with the help of the Alani Nu Fat Burner I did manage to whip into PRETTY good shape in not that long. In this review I’ll share the main effects that I noticed from the product. I’ll tease out the pros, cons, and everything in between as it relates to this Alani Nu weightloss product. So if you’re curious if it works, what’s in it, or any other info- I’ve got you covered. Let’s begin this, my FIFTH Alani Nu review.

Femme Forme Kindle reviews are hard to come by so I figured I would ring in the new year with a brand new weightloss review. I actually pre-empted my New Years resolution this year and turned it into a December resolution with an early Christmas present of the Femme Forme Kindle fat burner. In this Kindle review- I’m going to do a few things. I’m going to first and foremost tell you if it works. I’ve been taking Kindle for three weeks now and will tell you all of the effects, both good and bad, and I'll let you know how it stacks up to UNICO VULCAN - my usual go-to fat burner. I will of course focus on whether or not Kindle actually works for losing weight. The second thing I’ll discuss in this Kindle review is what is in it. I’ll go over the ingredients to help you guys understand what’s in it. The last part of the review will focus on the packaging because let’s face it- looks are important! If this all sounds good to you let’s cut to the chase and dive right into this Kindle review.

LeanBean Reviews are kind of tricky to find so after trying this new fat burner for the past few weeks, I decided to give this one a shot myself, and let you guys know what I think. The LeanBean fat loss pills have shown a little bit of promise, and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you my experience with them. If you are curious if these products are going to work for you or not, I think this review is going to be super helpful for you. If you are ready to know if they work, what’s in them, and if the packaging is on point, then read on for my total LeanBean evaluation! I’m probably the top diet pill review resource in the world so you’ve found the right spot. Time to spill the beans on the LeanBean Official fat burner.

Slimvance Reviews are easy to find these days because this is one of the most talked about fat loss products on the market today. I came across Slimvance at my local GNC when I told the rep that I was looking for weight loss products. He immediately showed me the Slimvance product, and well, he made it sound great. So I bought it. I have been taking it for about two weeks, and because I have some experiences with it, I figured I’d let you guys know how it works. In this Bodydynamix Slimvance Review I’ll discuss the formula, the effectiveness, and even the bottle packaging. If that sounds good to you, let’s kick it off right now.

Well this should be an interesting review. The product I’m going to talk about is Lipocide IR - the ‘Metabolic Accelerator Powder’ from good ‘ole Evogen Nutrition. In this Lipocide IR Review, I’m going to tell you everything you could ever want to know about the product. There is going to be a good old fashioned discussion of effectiveness. There is going to be a discussion about Lipocide’s ingredients list. There is going to be a discussion about Lipocide’s packaging. We’ll talk about price point. And then we’ll all go have an Old Fashioned. Or a fourth on in my case. Yes I’m a touch drunk right now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t write you one heck of a review about Evogen’s latest fat burner. Are you ready? Sure you are. Let’s start the Lipocide.

This morning’s review will cover off on a new fat burner I had been hearing a bit about recently- called simply ‘Saba Ace’. I’ve been taking this product for a few weeks, and now am confident that I have enough data to talk to you about it. Saba for Life was a new company on my radar up until very recently, but I think I have a pretty good grip on what this stuff is all about now. Are you ready to come with me on a Saba Ace journey? I think you probably. This journey will include a few things. The first leg of the journey will be a frank discussion of what happened, if anything, to my physique after taking Saba Ace for the past few weeks. The second leg of the journey will be spent talking about the ingredients in Saba Ace. The last part will be a review of Saba packaging. That should be fun, just a hint. Ok. Let’s get this Saba Ace fat burner review started.

Hello friends welcome to my Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird Review. I’ve been taking this product for about three weeks and I’m happy to say that I have enough data to be able to give you guys the FULL rundown. In this Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird reviews, I’ll tell you a few very important things. The most important being, what I’m doing this weekend with my boyfriend. Just kidding. But I AM going to talk at length about that. LoL. But no for Hum Skinny Bird, we’re going to talk about, for the most part, if these little pills actually do turn you into a ‘Skinny Bird’. AKA does Hum Nutrition work? Yeah. We’ll go over it. We’re also going to talk extensively about the ingredients in this products. How does it compare to some of the other fat burners I’ve reviewed? Is it as good as my go-to Spring fat burner that I know works wonders? You’ll find out sister. We’ll spend a brief few sentences ripping their packaging apart, and then wrap it up and get on with our lives. I’ll close by telling you if you should drop $40 bucks on Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird. Sound good? Of course it does. Let’s do ‘dis.

Ghost Infrared is one of the newest and most exciting fat burners on the market, and I’m pretty freakin’ pumped to be able to tell you all about my experience with it. I’ve been taking Infrared for about two weeks now, and let me just say, it’s one of the most interesting products to come across my plate. I’ve tried the other Ghost products, and with exciting results. So could they make it a trifecta with a great fat burner? I’ll tell you in this Ghost Infrared review. If you’re ready to get Ghosted with me, let’s jump right in with both feet and make this thing really hum. I don’t know how that’s possible, and I know almost none of that last sentence made any sense, but, hey. The point is, we’re both about to dive headfirst into this Ghost Infrared review

Cellucor SuperFire HD is one of the newest fat burning systems on the market today. In this review I’m going to tell you all about the experience I’ve had over the past two weeks taking this product. I’ll discuss the effects I’ve noticed (if any, let’s be clear I’m going to give you the STRAIGHT up truth whether HD Fire works or not), and I’ll also go over the ingredients, any side effects, and of course the packaging. As you know, BPW awarded Cellucor it’s first ever top fat burners for women award way back in 2014, so it will be interesting to see if they can make a claim for this year’s best fat burner for women award. Let’s start this Cellucor Super HD Fire review right. NOW.

Time for my very first fat burner review of the year and I’m proud to say that this is on the Royal 21 Queen Fat Burner, from 1st Phorm supplements. I have some experience with 1st Phorm in the past and I’ve been pretty happy with their products. So when one of my fans reached out about this one, I was happy to oblige and put together my thoughts on the purple and white ‘Royal 21 Queen’. In this full Royal 21 Queen Review I’ll tell you about the past week that I’ve taken this fat burner. I have to say- I’ve actually gotten a touch, er, ‘fluffy’ over the past month due to a nagging injury that has kept me out of the gym, but I’ll tell you if this 1st Phorm ‘phat burner’ helped me make some progress in losing some of that weight. Ready to do this? Me too. Please enjoy my Royal 21 Queen Review. Hey that rhymed. Lol.

Today I’m going to deliver yet another beautifully helpful fat burning review- this time on the Instant Knockout fat burner. I’ve been taking this funky little red diet product for the past two weeks, and I’m finally ready to share my findings with you guys. The product has been really blowing up my Instagram feed, meaning, like twice, and so when a few of my FB followers msg’d me asking about it, I knew it was time to do an Instant Knockout Review. In this review, we’ll discuss a few of the key aspects of the product. Eh. Actually ALL the aspects that matter. The most important topic is obviously does Instant Knockout actually work. And I’ll get into that first and foremost. Other areas of discussion will include the formulation quality grade, and then lastly the the packaging grade. It has to look good, right? And it definitely does look good as you can see. Ok. Enough introducing. Let’s get down to business with Instant Knockout fat burner.

Let’s just basically jump right into things here, shall we? Ripped Femme is a brand new company that was just such a perfect candidate for a review that I new I had to get my little paws on some and write a full review for all of you. I bought this pink and black fat burning supplement two weeks ago and I know that you’re going to enjoy reading my complete analysis of it. The product is called Ripped Femme ‘Metabolism Support’, but the reality is that this is a fat burning supplement designed and marketed as something that is going to get you slim and sleek and lean. I am really, well, sort of on the fence on this product. In this Ripped Femme Review you’ll learn why. Ripped Femme Metabolism Support is actually one of the more unique and sort of odd products that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Er. Was it really pleasure? You’ll find out as I talk about the ingredients, the packaging, but mostly the performance and results of taking it. So without rambling much longer, why don’t we really get things started and discuss my thoughts of Ripped Femme Metabolism Support.

Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat Burner reviews are easy to find as this up-and-coming company seems to have a very sound internet team managing the online review game. But I figured as Fit Life Allie I might as well get my hands on some and throw my hat in the ring with my second Transparent Labs review. I’ve been taking the Physique Series Fat Burner for the last two weeks and in this review I’m going to talk about what it means to me. I will tell you if it works, what’s in it, and heck I’m even going to write an entire paragraph on how I feel about the Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat Burner packaging. Not too many supplement review sites will go to THAT amount of detail. I can promise you that. I can also promise you that no other supplement reviewer is going to be as fun, funny, or vibrant as I am. That’s because I’m Fit Life Allie and I love this stuff. Stuff meaning my hundreds of reviews. I think I’m actually getting super close to doing my one hundredth fat burner review, which is pretty exceptional. But enough of this meaningless chatter about me. It’s time to talk about Transparent Labs’ fat loss supplement- the Physique Series Fat Burner. Awful name, let’s face it. But does it work?

Momentum Nutrition reviews aren’t easy to find out there. I know this firsthand because this a brand that I had almost zero familiarity with up until two weeks ago when my boyfriend gave me a bottle. Naturally I wanted to find some Formula 56 reviews and I couldn’t. But yeah. Dave gave me an entire month supply of Formula 56 to try. Now. I know that sounds super rude almost like ‘what are you trying to say?!’, but seriously he knows how much I love supplements so when he told me he had an extra bottle of Momentum Nutrition Formula 56 my eyes basically lit up with excitement. Free fat burners? That look awesome? Well yeah of course I’m going to be down for that. Super down. Wicked down. I love trying new supplements. So in this Formula 56 review, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t like about the way this product performed. I’ll also spend a good amount of time going over the various ingredients and even the packaging before I tie everything together in one comprehensive review summary. I promise I’ll keep things light and entertaining. I mean. You guys know how I roll when it comes to fat burner reviews. I have a good time with them. This will be no different because the last two weeks of my life have actually been hilarious and I was taking Momentum Nutrition’s Formula 56 the entire time during these last two weeks. So. Are you ready to hear about it? Of course you are. Let’s begin.

Inspired Nutraceuticals KOR is one of the strongest fat burners I’ve tried this year, and in this review I’m going to try and help you decide if it’s the right product for you. I’ll be my usual fun and entertaining self, and I’ll go into some really good detail about this Lipolytic Ignitor. What even is a Lipolytic Ignitor in the first place? I’ll try to answer that for you first and foremost, and I’ll talk a bit about how I found this cool little brand and where I think it’s headed. After we talk about the brand and why I like them so much, I’m going to share my two week log which will give you the most important information you’re here to know, which is, does KOR Lipolytic Ignitor work? Does it help you burn fat? That’s easily the most important aspect of this review so I’ll spend a great amount of time flushing that out for you. Once I do that, I’ll tell you what’s in Inspired Nutraceuticals KOR, and also what my thoughts are on the packaging. Sound like a plan? Yeahh I thought so. Let’s jump right in.

Pro Supps Vanish is a fat burner that I took for two weeks in order to try and get my body ready for Laura’s bachelorette party. After fourteen days, I’m in a pretty good position to tell you about this product’s performance, and how it works for someone who really wants to shed a few pounds for beach season. In this Pro Supps Vanish review, I’ll do things a little differently than simply just presenting my usual log. I know some of you have voiced that my logs can be a a little muddy and not quite as helpful as just plain old telling you straight up pros and cons- so that’s exactly what I intend to do. In this Pro Supps Vanish Review, I’ll tell you all about the pros and cons of this weight loss supplement based on the two week stretch that I’ve been taking it. After we talk about those pros and cons, I’ll try my best to dig into the supplement facts and talk about what I like / don’t like about the formulation. I’ll finish up with a Pro Supps Vanish Packaging Review grade, and then tie it all together with a final review summary and score. Cool? Cool. We’ve got a plan. Let’s get the review started.

You won’t find many Carbon Fire 213 Complex For Her Reviews online, and honestly I was having trouble finding just one. This is a product that was given to me to try by a really good friend of mine, and I was immediately curious how it would compare to my 'go-to' Vulcan fat burner which is the one I usually take because of safety/reliability. So in this Carbon Fire 213 For Her Review, I’ll tell you A. Does the product work? B. What is IN the product? C. How the packaging stacks up to the competition? As you know from my other fat burner reviews I’ll do my best to keep things good-natured and humorous. I do love when fat burner reviews come out positive, so keep your fingers crossed and let’s just cut straight to the chase and dive into the meat of my Carbon Fire 213 For Her Fat Burner review.

True Grit Thermo Reviews are finally here on the BPW and I’m pretty stoked to jump in and tell you all about this fat loss supplement. This is a fat burner that showed me some pretty promising results, and I’m really quite eager to share them with you. In this True Grit Thermo review, I’ll talk about the product from every angle, starting with the performance results and mini-log from the past two weeks that I’ve been taking True Grit Thermo. That way you can see if the product works right off the bat. As far as the formulation is concerned, I’m also going to go into detail on the supplement facts and overall quality of the ingredients. I wasn’t sure on a few of them because it’s a pretty complex formula, but I do think that it’s a well built product. The last element to this review is going to be a full package design grade, which will tell you what we’re working with from a an aesthetic standpoint. Let’s let the fun begin and get our True Grit Thermo Review underway.

Happy Friday BPW Universe! It is time for my Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review. In this, my second Kris Gethin Kaged Muscle Review, you are going to learn all about my past few weeks taking this product that promised to ‘turn fat into energy’. This is my first fat-loss review in a few weeks and I’m pretty excited to tell you all about how it worked for me. In this super thorough review, I’ll go into excruciating detail on one of the year’s best fat burners that I’ve tried thus far. I’m going to talk first about, well, myself and what I’ve been up to. I’ll tell you all about my bachelorette party that I’m going to this week, and why I’d rather do literally anything else in the entire world than go to it. But you have to do what you have to do right? Sigh. Friends are good though. But we WILL talk about the Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Fat Burner too right after that. The first thing we’ll chat about is the product packaging. This is one fat burner that looks better than you think. After that we’ll talk about the formulation, and last but not least, the results and the product performance. That’s right- we’re dissecting this fat burner like an onion, folks. Let’s get this Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review going.

Time for my second Evogen review - today’s review will be on their fat burner called ‘Lipocide’. In this Evogen Lipocide Metabolic Accelerator review, I’m going to basically tell you all about my life and what’s going on in it. The thing you have to understand is that for me, these reviews are also my blog, so be prepared for something that’s a little bit less, er, conventional than the reviews you are probably used to. This review is going to be go all over the place, but I will try to stick with my usual syntax for fat burner reviews. That syntax usually goes like this- first thing I’ll do is talk about the brand in question, how I came about their products, etc. The second thing I’ll do is talk about the product performance: that’s where I’ll answer the question you’re probably here to know which is ‘Does Lipocide Work?’. Of course these products work differently for different people, so you can’t take my word as the only answer but I’m usually right about these things after doing literally hundreds of supplement reviews. The other criteria we’ll talk about for Evogen Lipocide are the formula, and the packaging. You have to know how both of these areas compare to the competition. Let’s get the review started!

Today I’m going to do a really spectacular Finaflex PX White Pro Xanthine Fat Burner Review. This is just about the most hardcore fat burner that I’ll review here on the site- but I’m sure it’s poised to be a real hit, so I figured I’d share my thoughts on the product before it really started to gain some traction. As with all these fat burners, I’ll do my best to share my own personal opinion while keeping things as subjective as possible. At the end of the day I’m not here to hold your hand and tell you either buy this product or don’t buy this product. That’s on you to gather all the information and decide for yourself. But I’ll give you all the Finaflex PX White Pro Xanthine Thermogenic information that you need to make that decision. From the formulation to the packaging to the results it has on your body, I’m absolutely going to do my best job in this Finaflex PX White Pro Xanthine Review to help you out so that you leave here informed. And of course I’ll make it fun reading. That’s how I do these fat burner reviews.

BioTrust is one of those fat burners that isn’t REALLY up my alley because it seems to be focused on folks that are, hm, how should I say this…not as fit as me. (insert hair flip here). But hey. A handful of my readers had asked me about this Biotrust LeptiBurn fat loss supplement so I figured I would run it for a few weeks and see what happens. In this Biotrust LeptiBurn review, I’ll give you all the important info. I’ll tell you what the main ingredients are. I’ll tell you how the packaging stacks up to the competition. And most importantly, I’ll tell you if LeptiBurn actually works. Keep in mind everyone is going to react differently to these products, but I aim to give you MY personal experience and let you know how it worked for me. So let’s get this Biotrust LeptiBurn 2.0 Review fired up.

Fuel Up Burn is a brand spankin’ new fat burner from Fuel Up Supps- the makers of the pre-made meal company that I’ve actually never ever tried. But this company has been on my radar for a little while and I’m excited to post up the first of a little mini-series of Fuel Up reviews. Eventually I’ll review their pre workout, their protein shakes, and who knows, maybe I’ll love them and be able to become the lucky chick who wins the $20k sponsorship award. But probably not since I don’t have a big chest and a trillion Instagram followers. Wow, so negative! I’m not in a bad mood at all, I swear. I’m actually in a wonderful mood. How could I not be in a good mood for this Fuel Up Supps review? I’m sitting in the sun at a table at Whole Foods. Whole Foods makes me very happy. I would live here if I could. But. Let’s talk about fat burners. Not foods. I’ll just get too hungry, lol. In THIS review, we’re going to talk about the last two week of my life. Don’t worry, we’ll be discussing my life as it relates to Fuel Up Supps Burn. I’ll tell you if Fuel Up Supps Burn actually works, I’ll tell you what’s in it, and I’ll give you my professional opinion on how the packaging looks. (No, I’m not kidding). If this sounds good to you, read on! My Fuel Up Burn Review is ready to get warmed up for realz.

My Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Review is going to be epic, and here’ sis why. Hydroxycut is one of the better diet and weight loss companies on the market, and they have put out yet another fat loss pill, this one targeting women specifically. I almost jumped through the roof when I heard the news, since i’ve tried some of their other non-female versions, and got really quite nice results from them. I wanted to take some time for a full two week trial run with Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max and do a full fat loss review on it because I know this is a product that is likely to be a hit. I’ve been taking Black Onyx for the past two weeks, and let me tell you, this stuff will probably get sold everywhere. And in large quantities. In this, my THIRD Hydroxycut review, I’ll tell you why. In this review, I’ll tell you WHY I think this product is poised to be a success. I’m going to go over the pros and the cons, and of course tell you what my final review score is. We’ll tease out a final score by first going over the performance results that I experienced over my fourteen day trial on this product. After that, we’ll list out and break down the ingredients a little bit. I want you to have a really good understanding of what this product consists of from a formulation standpoint. After that, we’ll talk about packaging and labeling. Hydroxycut makes some pretty attractive packages so this should be a fun and detailed section. Of course, as with all my fat burner reviews, you know I’ll keep this article light and fun. But at the same time very informative. I think you’ll find this Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Review helpful. Let’s get started.

EVL Nutrition Trans4orm Reviews are starting to come out online, and I figured it was as good a time as ever to get to posting my own experience with EVL Nutrition’s Thermogenic. In this EVL Trans4orm Review, I’ll do a handful of very important things for you. The most important thing is tell you if EVL Trans4orm works, meaning, does this little pill actually help you build a better body. I’ve been taking Transform for about two weeks now and I can tell you a few things about how it impacted MY body, and how you can expect it to perform for you. The second part of this fat burner review will concern the ingredients, and what is actually in EVL’s Thermogenic Complex. Here’s a little spoiler- this is a very stimulant intensive pre workout product. Like. VERY intense. The last part of this fat burner review will go over the packaging element. I like to grade the label designs of all the supplements that I review, because I’m a design nerd. Oh. And the only other thing you should know is that this review is going to be super informal and casual, so if you are looking for something more buttoned up and stiff, you might have to seek a different EVLUTION Nutrition review.

I’ve been doing fat burner reviews for a long time now. So when I came across Nexgen Thermogen, I knew I had my next product to review. In this Nexgen Thermogen Review, I’m going to try and answer any and all questions you may have about the product. If you are on the fence about grabbing a bottle of Thermogen for yourself, I think this review will be a great resource for you. Because my reviews, you see, are not what you are used to. They are WAY more detailed, WAY more entertaining, and I actually make sense of the products in question. That’s right. You don’t need to know all the science behind these  products. I distill all that info into a nice, neat, tidy review for you. You’ll learn if Thermogen actually works, you’ll learn about what’s in it formula-wise, and you’ll also hear about the packaging and labeling too. I hope you enjoy this review. Actually my first ever Nexgen Nutrition review. The company has shown some promise, and in this review I’ll let you know if it’s actually as legit as it looks. So let’s get this Nexgen Thermogen Review cracking!

Leptigen Review are kind of hard to find so I figured I’d help you guys out and post my first ever Leptigen Weight Loss Solution Review. I’m in a little bit of a rush so forgive me if this isn’t the most eloquent or well-written of all my fat burner reviews- but you know I will try my best. I’m sitting in a super noisy Whole Foods and so it’s more than just a little hard to concentrate. This will be a challenge. I always rise to challenges though. Always. Let me talk a little bit about what’s going to happen in this Leptigen review. The first thing I’ll do is sort of warm my fingers up with a brief overview of how I stumbled upon Leptigen and why I decided to review it. Then I’ll tell you how the last two weeks of my life have gone, which is the amount of time that I’ve been taking Leptigen fat loss supplement. I’ll tell you what you can expect in terms of the results. You need to know how this product makes you feel and look, right? You essentially need to know “Does Leptigen Work?”, and that’s what I’m going to tell you. Of course I’ll discuss any Leptigen side effects before diving into an analysis of the ingredients and supplement facts panel. You should always try and get a good sense of what is in the supplements you take, so hopefully I can clear it all up for you in terms of Leptigen. The final part of the review will go into a fun little analysis of Leptigen packaging. Super entertaining. So let’s get my Leptigen Review started!

Ok so this might not be my most eloquent review but that’s ok because BPI Sports BURN XS might not deserve my finest work. The thing is that I just took one last look at the Burn XS jar (slightly hungover, you see), and it’s actually just reminding me of all the things that I sort of, well, hate about this product. I know. I really let the cat out of the bag early on this one. What are we…three sentences in? Way to let the drama build, Allie. (Crying emoji). But as you know from reading my countless other fat burner reviews, I tend to basically never sugarcoat my thoughts. If I like a product, you know it. If I hate a product, you’ll know it. You already know where I stand on BPI Sports BURN XS fat burner. Sometimes there are bright spots though. As I go through the performance, ingredients, and even packaging of this fat loss supplement from BPI Sports, maybe you’ll find that this IS actually a product you want to try regardless. That happens sometimes. One man’s doo-doo is another man’s gold. Ever hear that one before? Probably not if you aren’t a dinosaur like me. But yeah. We’re going to cover this one from head to toe, so let’s get this Burn XS Review started.

Pruvit KETO OS Reviews are starting to pile up on the internet, so I just wanted to get mine out there now before any more of y’all kept asking me. KETO OS Ketone system is one of those products and one of those companies that has seemed to come out of nowhere and is all of a sudden this huge, relevant thing. I didn’t know what to make of Pruvit prior to taking it for two weeks, but over the past fourteen days I’ve learned a TON about ketones, a TON about Pruvit, and I’m excited to share some of what I learned from my two week trial. I must say, you’ve found a great Pruvit Keto OS Ketone Operating System Review. I’ll tell you if it ‘worked’, a.k.a what did it make me feel like physically, mentally, etc. In addition to answering the question ‘Does Pruvit Work?’ I’ll talk through some of the ingredients and science behind Pruvit. Or at least I’ll start to and then fail brutally because I actually still don’t quite understand all of it. Lol. I’ll end the review with a packaging grade and a final Keto OS Review Final Score. Let’s get this Pruvit Review started!

Today I’m going to review one of the poorest named products I have ever come across in my entire life- Me! Fat Burner for Women Supplement. I bought this stuff on Amazon, and I have to be honest, this review is not going to be overwhelmingly positive. The Women Me fat Burner is literally one of the worst fat loss products I’ve bought this year. Now I know it’s only February and things are still very early. And I know I was pretty harsh on the Lean1 meal replacement shakes that I reviewed last week. But Women-Me might honestly be worse. In this Women-Me! review I’ll tell you precisely what I don’t like about this fat loss supplement. Here’s how the review will go- first, I’ll tell you all about my last few days in Vegas, because you know I love treating this review site as my own personal blog as well. After a quick check-in in the life of Fit Life Allie, we’ll actually talk about Fat Burner for Women. I promise. We’ll go over my results from the past week first. Second, we’ll talk about the ingredients. Third, we’ll talk packaging, before wrapping it all up in a neat and tidy review summary. Sounds good, doesn’t it. Let’s go for it.

The things we do for science. I just finished up my one-week trial run of Natural Science Creation T.R.T, and am happy to finally share my thought on the product. In this comprehensive Natural Science Creation T.R.T review, I’m going to help you understand exactly what it’s like to take this product. I’m going to describe it’s results in every single way. I’ll evaluate the performance based off of the results that they promise on the website, which includes (but not limited to), aiding libido, balancing cortisol levels, increasing endurance, reducing stress, aiding in skin health, and contributing to bones and teeth. There is WAY more, but I’ll start with those. After we talk performance, I’ll do a quick run-down of the supplement facts and help you understand exactly what’s in the Natural Science Creation T.R.T formula. The last thing I’ll do is assign a label and packaging grade to this product. Looks are important, aren’t they? Keep telling yourself that, Allie. Lol. Ok. Let’s dive right in!

Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor Reviews are pretty scant compared to the Lean Fat Burner, but I’m happy to finally shed some light on Fit Affinities less popular stimulant-free companion to the companies popular fat burner. In this Firm Body Sculptor For Her Review, I’m going to do four important things. Well five. The first thing I’m going to do is talk aimlessly about Fit Affinity as a company. How I found them, what they stand for, blah, blah. You get the idea. It helps you get a better sense for who they are and serves as a bit of a ‘warm-up’ for me to get my typing on point. Because you know I do some pretty in-depth reviews. And I’m in a talkative mood, so you know we’re going to flush out EVERY element of this fat burner. Ok. So after that, we’ll actually get into the meat of the review. I’m going to let you know how the past two weeks of my life have gone when supplementing with Firm Body Sculptor For Her. I’ll tell you if I lost weight, got better abs, etc. That should give you a good sense on it’s own of if Firm Body Sculptor works. After that, we’ll take a deep dive into the formula of the product. You need to know what’s in here and if it’s a solid product from an ingredient standpoint. After that, we’ll lighten things up with a packaging grade before aggregating all the data in a Firm Body Sculptor For Her Final Review Summary. Time to jump right in.

Tuesday, 02 February 2016 05:42

NLA For Her CLA Review: It Didn't Impress Me Much

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Time for another fat-loss supplement review- and today the product under the microscope is the ‘Her CLA’ Fat Loss Supplement by FLA for Her. I’ve reviewed almost the entire NLA line, and so I’m glad to round out this section of the blog with a final review on this fat loss supplement for women. Even though this isn’t a full-blown fat burner like some of the others, it’s still a very popular product that most folks really enjoy as a stimulant-free solution to other, more robust (and expensive!) fat loss supplements. I’m pretty close to releasing my first ever Best Fat Burner list for women in about one week, and I felt like an NLA for Her review would be a nice way to round out the final year’s worth of fat burner reviews. So. Here’s what we’ll discuss in the article. First, I’ll tell you how my two week trial period on the product has gone. I’ll point out any effects whatsoever- both good and bad. If there are side effects of Her CLA, I’ll tell you (there aren’t). After that, we’ll get into the ingredients. That will also be rather brief as this is a very simple product formula-wise. We’ll close things out with a nice little packaging review before awarding a final review score to this NLA For Her CLA. So let’s get started.

Time for yet another review- and today it’s going to be on EVLUTION Nutrition LeanMode fat burner. I am so ready to get this review started because I had some really unique results. This is a fat burner  that I have been taking for the past two weeks and I’m going to share my sort of ‘mini-log’ with you. I think you’ll see that my reviews are a really good time all around. Reviews can’t be forced- they have to be raw and organic, and that’s what this LeanMode Stimulant-Free Fat Loss Support one promises to be. I promise not to hold back my true thoughts on this special fat loss supplement. There are only a handful of fat burners left to review before I post up the BPW Top Ten Fat Burners of 2017 where my recent favorites, VULCAN Advanced and Legion Phoenix appear to be poised to take the top spot! So I’m excited to let you in on a hint as to whether LeanMode will make the cut. In this LeanMode review I’ll help you iron out any questions you may have about the product- including but not limited to overall product performance, supplement facts and ingredient info, and of course packaging. I’m ready to get the review started so let’s jump in with both feet. Welcome, friends, to my awesomely informative Evlution Nutrition LeanMode Fat Loss Review.

Today I’m going to review the Wake Up Fat Burner by Xtrategy Nutrition. I’m pretty amped to provide this review because it’s form a brand new company that I’ve NEVER brought to the blog. Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up is one of three products made by Xtrategy, so I’m hoping that not only will I love this product but will be able to get my hands on some of their other stuff too. But that’s putting the chicken before the egg a little bit. First things first. We need to make sure this product works. So in this review I’m going to tell you just that- if Xtrategy’s fat burner works in terms of the two criteria that it promises to do: lose weight and prevent fat accumulation. I must say that with the way I’ve been dieting, this product should certainly help accelerate the effects. I’m down 5 pounds since I began dieting, and and trying to lose another 3 to 5 before my Spring trip with my fitties. Ok. So here’s how the review will go- first of all, I will tell you about how my two weeks with the fat burner went in terms of results. Then I’ll talk about the formula and give it a formula grade. Lastly, I’ll analyze the product packaging, before tying it all together with one comprehensive review summary. Sound good to you? I thought so. Let’s get this Xtrategy Nutrition Wake Up Fat Burner Review started!

MuscleSport FemmeBurn For Her Reviews don’t exist anywhere yet so I figured I might as well take it on myself as the queen of online fat burner reviews and post the first one ever in the world. Pretty cool claim to fame if you ask me. In this review, we’re going to do all sorts of awesome things. The first thing that we’re going to do is talk about nothing. That’s right, we’re going to just let some thoughts pour out onto the screen. And by ‘we’, I mean ‘me’. I love referring to myself as two people sometimes. And I love talking about myself. So to open the review I’m just going to talk about my weekend. But not to worry, once that part is out of the way, I’ll talk about the MuscleSport fat burner in question. I’ll first discuss the effects that this fat burner had on me over the course of the last two weeks. We’ll chat about my experience with the product, and then talk about the ingredients. Who knows what we’ll uncover there. Sometimes there are CRAZY things under the lid. But hopefully it’s safe because I’ve been taking it for two weeks. So yeah- by the end of this review you’re going to have a pretty complete look at this product both inside and out. Let’s get things started.

Muscle Elements 212 Reviews caught my eye the other day on a popular supplement retailers site. I saw reports of unparalleled energy, focus, and some pretty intriguing fat loss results. Being the internet’s undisputed queen of online fat burning reviews, I knew that I had found my next topic. And yes, I just called myself the queen of online fat burning reviews. If you’ve read some of my other work I think you’d agree. You certainly will after this 212 Degrees Full Spectrum Fat Incinerator review. Speaking of ‘Total Spectrum’. That’s exactly how I like to conduct my fat burning reviews. I like to really get in there deep. I don’t just scratch the surface with these fat burners. I dig my kneels right in. After two weeks with the 212 Deg. Fat Burner from Muscle Elements, I can certainly say that my nails were firmly dug in. I’ll start my review with a few opening thoughts, just to get the juices flowing. I’ll then tell you all about the product performance. Did this product work for me in terms of fat loss? You’re going to find out. Other areas of critique will include product formulation, and even packaging. I’ll tell you if it’s well made, poorly made, and so forth. Let’s turn on the flame and heat up this fat burner review.

You know Herbalife Prolessa Duo is all over the place these days. In this Prolessa Duo Review, I’m going to let you know if it’s something you should look to add to your supplement cabinet. In this Herbalife review, I’ll go over the overall results that I’ve experienced after having taken the product for just over two weeks now. I’ll then go into some detail on the formula and ingredients. What is in this product, and are they effective weight loss ingredients? You’re going to find out from the undisputed QUEEN of internet supplement reviews. Yep, that’s me. So basically if you’ve been considering buying yourself the Herbalife Fat Burner, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place to find out everything you could ever wish to know about the product. Heck, I’ll even do a full packaging grade on this stuff. What other Prolessa Duo Review is going to give you THAT level of detail? Yeah. That’s what I thought. So settle in and get comfortable, because I have yet another amazing Herbalife Review in store for you.

This evening I would like to review Trim X3- a new fat loss product for women made by Betancourt Nutrition. Betancourt reviews have never found their way onto my blog until now, and I must say I’m pretty excited to share this fat burner review with you. I think tonight is the night that I finally spare you the exhausting details of talking about my hapless love life prior to getting down to business and flushing out every last detail about Trip X3 Complete. There’s plenty that I have to say about this fat burner, and I hope you are excited as I am to discuss the product. The first thing we’ll cover in this review is overall product effectiveness. I’m going to give you my three pros and three cons of taking Betancourt X3 Complete, and then summarize my thoughts on if it works or not. And by ‘works’, I mean if it does meet the three criteria that it promises. I’ll also tell you if there are any side effects of the product. After that, we’ll talk about the formula. Are there any harmful or dangerous ingredients in Trim X3? You have no idea. But I’m going to tell you. The final grading criteria in this review is the packaging grade. How does this product LOOK? This is important, don’t laugh. You know you want to have the sexiest fat burner around. So we’ll cover the packaging. I’ll conclude, as always, with some final thoughts and reveal the final Trim X3 review score. Sound good? I think so too. Let’s begin the official Betancourt Trim X3 Complete Review.

1 Up Nutrition is yet another company that it seems like you can’t turn your head without coming across them. As an Instagram addict, I think I am exposed to this brand more than others. I guess that’s why we’re doing this Beauty Sleep Review today. Because I follow one of their superstar sponsored athletes, and she was waving around a bottle of this stuff the other day. I knew I had to get my hands on some of this 1 Up Nutrition Beauty Sleep PM Burner and give it a full test. Basically what this product is, is a sleep aid coupled with a nighttime fat loss supplement. So you’re losing weight while you’re sleeping. That’s pretty sweet. At least on paper. In this review I’ll tell you if the product actually works as expected, or if it’s just another one of those gimmicky products. This should be fun since I’ve never done a sleep aid review before! But I’ll treat this review much the same that I treat a fat burner, in terms of the review layout. First thing I’ll do is talk about how it performed for me- basically if Beauty Sleep PM Burner works. After that we’ll discuss the ingredients and formulation for a brief paragraph. At the very end we’ll go over the packaging, and close the Beauty Sleep Fat Burner Review off with a final review summary. Let the review begin. Now.

Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Reviews are literally all over the place. But you won’t find any of them to be as in-depth and thorough as mine. That’s because I’m Fit Life Allie, and on top of the literally hundreds of supplement reviews that I’ve done, I’ve already reviewed two other versions of Hydroxycut. They call me the Hydroxycut whisperer at this point. I’m actually that good at doing Hydroxycut reviews. Lol. But one thing you can be assured of in this review is that in addition to being one of the most informative articles you’ve ever read, this review will also be one of the most entertaining. You never know what you are going to get in some of these fat burner reviews, but I’ll tell you right up front what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a heavy dosage of humor. You’re also going to get a really detailed analysis of the formula in this fat burner. And you KNOW all my reviews also include a super-detailed packaging grade. That might be my favorite part. Oh- and of COURSE we’re going to spend a ton of time talking about if this product WORKS. So if you’re here because you want to know does Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Work, you are in the right place. Let’s get the review started. Right. Now. GO.

PES Science actually makes a fat burner? Who knew. Up until a few weeks ago, I certainly did not. But you know I had to get my hands on this fat loss product once I did so that I could put together a sweet Norcodrene Review. How hard is that to say, by the way? PES Science Norcodrene Reviews are actually pretty tough to come by, believe it or not. I was surprised, since PES Science has come on VERY very strong in recent months. I’d even go as far as to say that this brand has evolved more competently than any of the other supplement brands in 2015. In this review, I’ll tell you if this fat burner keeps in PES Science’s tradition of excellence of making high-quality products for people of all fitness goals. My fitness goal over the last few weeks has been losing weight. So that is the lens through which I’ll be reviewing the product. Did it work? Did I end up losing weight? I’ll tell you. I’m also going to talk about the ingredients in this fat burner to make sure you know what you’re putting in your system. The third and final section for grading is the packaging grade, so be ready for that as well. So if you’re ready for another entertaining and awesome PES Science review, let’s get cracking on Norcodrene!

Fitstrong Burn Fat Burner Reviews are fun to write in the middle of the night. That’s what I keep telling myself as I sit here in, well, the middle of the night. And write. And fight, the urge to sleep. It just fees right, tonight. Oh boy. You already know this is going to be an interesting one. And that’s saying something, coming from yours truly. If you’ve read any of my other fat burner reviews you are probably aware that I’m the craziest supplement reviewer out there. By craziest I mean most entertaining, most eloquent, most beautiful, and most knowledgable supplement reviewer on the internet. Yes. I said it. On the ENTIRE internet, you will NOT find a better FITSTRONG REVIEW. Read that one again. Let it sink in. And then get beyond excited to take in my fat burner review of the day. You are about to be assaulted with Fitstrong knowledge. In this review we’ll talk about how the product works, if there are any side effects, what the formula is composed of, and then finally how the packaging compares to the competition. You are probably going to love my Fitstrong review enough to marry it. If you’re already married, you might leave your spouse for my FItstrong Burn Review. So let’s begin.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn Reviews are finally here on the BPW blog. I think this is the first Old School Labs review that I’ve ever done. Scratch that. I KNOW this is the first ever Old School Labs review that I’ve ever done. I’m pretty excited to get started, too. This is a brand that I have had my eye on for a little while now. They have a very cool thing going with the ‘throwback’ branding and the subdued colors and the quirky fun language. I was very excited to give this product a try and see if it could help me drop some of those Thanksgiving pounds. In this product review I’m going to focus on the performance benefits that this product helped me achieve. And by performance benefits I mean, did the product help me lose weight? Or was it just another waste of my money? Something that I’ve become quite good at recently. Lol. Not funny. Not at all. But yeah we’ll talk about if it works. We’ll also have a look at the Vintage Burn formula and discuss if the product uses high-quality, safe, ingredients. We’ll finish off with a packaging review summary, and then wrap it all up with the final product grade. So without further ado. Let’s start this Old School Labs Vintage Burn Review.

Smartbody Nutrilean is an ‘all-in-one’ fat burner that I’m going to review today. In this Nutrilean fat burner review I’ll describe what happens (or doesn’t happen) when you take this fat loss supplement. Is it effective? Will it make you lose a bunch of weight? You’re going to find out. I’ve been taking this product for just over three weeks and can give you a really good sense of the effects. There are a few things you need to be aware of side effect-wise, so I’ll be sure to include all my thoughts on that front as well. As with all my fat burner reviews I’m also going to run down the ingredients one by one and tell you if everything in here is safe for consumption. I can tell you right away that this fat burner is not for the faint of heart. I’d actually go so far as to say that this fat burner is for the more hardcore fat-loss user. It’s very stimulant-intensive and has some very powerful ingredients. At the end of this review I’ll even talk about the packaging and appearance just so that I’m literally leaving no stone left un turned when discussing SmartBody’s Nutrilean. Of course I’ll do this review wilth my usual fun sense of humor as well. So you can look forward to a really fun half hour of reading. Let’s start the Nutrilean Review.

Wednesday, 02 December 2015 01:43

Animal Cuts Reviews: Does it Work? Is it Safe for Women?

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Animal Cuts for Women? Is that a real thing? No. It’s not. But in this Animal Cuts Review I’m going to tell you if this product is OK for WOMEN to take. How do I know? Because I’m a woman. And I’ve been taking it for just over three weeks. In this Animal Cuts review I’m going to answer all of your questions, including: How does Animal Cuts work for women? Is it an effective weight loss and fat burning aid? What’s in it? Is Animal Cuts Safe? I know you are probably wondering these very same things as I was before I started. Luckily for you I am a human supplement guinea pig and am always happy to try these things and share my learnings with you. So that’s exactly what I’m prepared to do for you right now. In this Animal Cuts review I’m going to start by talking benefits and performance. I know you want to know what the deal is with this fat burner and how it impacts the body. After that we are going to talk about the formula and what’s in this product. Finally we will talk about the packaging, just for fun. The review will end with my final review summary and a score that will take the price point into account as well. If this is your first BPW review, prepare to be informed, entertained, and probably just a little bit terrified for my mental health. LOL. Let’s get the Animal Cuts review under way! Woo!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 18:04

PES Alphamine Review: Energy and Fat Loss Together?

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and welcome to my PES Alphamine Review. In this Alphamine review I’m going to do all kinds of things. The first thing that I’m going to do is tell you how the product works. That’s right. A fat burning powder review should, if it does just one thing, provide you the information you need to make the most informed purchasing decision. That’s what my review blog is all about. Helping you make informed decisions. Informed, as it relates to fat burning, means that you know if it works, what’s in it, and then some extra goodies as well. You’ll see what I mean by that later in the review. So bear with me during this Alphamine review if it is a little bit disjointed. I’m trying bake a pie simultaneously while crafting the article. But I’ll do my best to make it as informative, entertaining, and eloquent as possible. Eloquent. Not exactly how anybody would describe my ramblings on these fat burning products. But entertaining, yes. You shall see. Now where the heck do I keep my 3/4 measuring cup? Ugh. It’s nowhere. Ok. Why don’t I sit down, put on my favorite Christmas CD, and crank this review out for you? Yes. That is exactly what I’ll do. Let’s begin the PES Science Alphamine Review.

Time for another fat burner review and today’s Evochem Phenadren Review is going to be rather brief, I’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t have a ton of time so I’m going to do everything in my power to crank this review out in basically a recored setting time. But that doesn’t mean that there will be anything lacking from my Phenadren review. The insight, detail, and of course humor will still all be present in this my second Evochem Nutrition review. In this review I want to focus on three main elements of Phenadren. The first thing we’ll talk about is the performance and benefits that you can expect when you take the product. I know you are probably here because you want to know what it’s like to take Phenadren in terms of the results. You want to know if you can take it safely and expect to lose wait. You might also wonder how much a factor the energy level thing is. Can you expect truly exceptional energy levels when you take Phenadren? I’ll tell you. Another thing we’ll cover in this review is of course the ingredients. What is in the product that gives it the benefits? Is everything included in this formula safe for consumption or are there any wild cards that you need to be wary of? This is an important consideration for any fat burner. Lastly, we’ll discuss the packaging that Phenadren is housed in. This is sort of a fun little analysis that I like to do with all my fat burner reviews so you have that in store for you as well. So let’s get this Phenadren Review moving.

Myokem Pyroxamine reviews are my new specialty. You want to know why I say that? Because I can read the future, and the review that you are about to read is going to blow you away. I can promise you a few things in this time we have together. The first is that you are going to be entertained. That’s right. You won’t find another supplement reviewer who brings the same amount of passion to the review table than me. The other thing I can promise you is that you are going to know everything about Myokem Pyroxamine. Other than how to spell it because I think I’ve spelled it two different ways already- both of them wrong, LOL. But, spelling aside, you will know everything ELSE about Pyroxamine. What do I mean by that? Well, the first thing that I’m going to tell you, in case you are in a hurry and won’t care the rest of my rambling, is IF PYROXAMINE WORKS. That’s right. See? I told you I can tell the future, AND read minds. You are here because you probably want to drop a few pounds. Like me, maybe you’ve had a rough stretch of work, working out, and if you’re REALLY like me you may have had a rough stretch of dating as well. I swear that has only contributed to my, er, slighly weight gain over the past three weeks. Because relationship issues lead to more wine consumption which leads to more pizza consumption which leads to weight gain. It’s not rocket science, people. So I’ll tell you how the last two weeks have gone for me as I’ve tried to pull my life (aka my body) back together with the help of Myokem. After that I’ll spend some time talking about the formula and also the packaging, but I want to focus on the effects. So let’s get started right away with this Myokem Pyroxamine Review.

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Women's Best Burner Caps Review- Entry Level Fat Loss

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Women’s Best Burner Caps Reviews are not my favorite fat burner ever. In this Burner Caps Review I’ll tell you why. As with all my fat burner reviews, I’m going to break this product down in an incredibly detailed, totally informative, semi-coherent, and wholly entertaining product review. I came across Women’s Best only very very recently, and I was excited to see if there fat burner would measure up to the same level of performance as their protein which was terrible. It’s also interesting to compare Women’s Best Burner Caps to some of it’s close competitors such as Protein World. In this review I’ll try to compare the two since it is likely in your consideration set as well. Here is a brief outline of the review- I’ll start by telling you what’s going on in my life- since this is what really matters to you, I know it. LOL. Nah. I just do that to get my writing juices flowing. After that, I’ll tell you if Women’s Best Burner Caps actually work. At the end of the day, isn’t this all that really matters? I think so. After we talk performance, I’ll tell you about the formula and ingredients within the fat burner. What do I like about the formula? What do I not like about the formula? You’re going to find out. The final criteria that we’ll discuss is of course the packaging. How does the product LOOK? I’ll tell you my thoughts as a classically trained design student. Let’s get the review started.

My Fit Tea Fat Burner Review is going to be epically awesome. Wow, apparently ‘epically’ IS a word. Who knew. Fit Tea is of course the popular Instagram brand that has billions of followers for some reason. If you can already sense some bitterness in my tone towards Fit Tea, then, yeah, you’re on the mark. I actually don’t much care for these new hipster tea companies because I don’t believe that they do as much for you as real fat burners. I also think they are dramatically over-priced and, well, just sort of a scam. But more on that in the meat of the Fit Tea Fat Burner review. Let me just outline what I’m going to tell you in this review. The first thing that you should know about Fit Tea is the benefits and if this product worked for me. I’m not going to blow smoke up your behind and tell you a product is worth buying if it doesn’t work. So make sure you pay closest attention to this key part of the review. After that, I’ll discuss the ingredients in Fit Tea Fatburner. What is in these pills that makes them either work, or not work? You’re going to find out. The last criteria is of course the packaging review. And oh boy will that be fun. This product looks horrid, aesthetically speaking. As usual, my review will be filled with sass, inside jokes, and other generally snarky-ness. So let’s get started with this FitTea Fat Burner Review.

The time has come for my It Works Advanced Formula Fat Fighter Review. If that sounds like a dramatic opening sentence, you are correct, it is a very dramatic sentence for a very dramatic Fat Fighter review that you are about to read. I mean aren’t all my reviews kind of dramatic? I think they are. Because I guess I’m a bit dramatic. But hey- that means you are going to hear EXACTLY what I thought about this product. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything or distill down my opinions. My big mouth gets me in plenty of trouble but I think my reviews are one place where my raw opinion is appreciated. So I hope you do appreciate it in this It Works review. The difficult thing with some of these fat burning supplements is that you never know how much of it is the product working and how much is a lifestyle change that you might have made. But for this fat burner review I’ve done my best to control every possible variable so that there is nothing else that could be impacting the results that I got during my two week trial run with Fat Fighter by It Works. Before we dive in- here is what you are about to be told about Fat Fighter. (Wow that was terrible sentence structure). First, we will talk talk about if It Works, well, work! Second we will discuss the ingredients and formula of It Works. Third we will discuss labeling and packaging. If that all sounds good, keep on reading my It Works Fat Fighter Review.

Nutrakey Tone Complex is an interesting new fat burner and in this review I’ll tell you all about my experience with the product. Nutrakey is a company that I came across on my Instagram and I knew I had to try their fat burner, Tone Complex. As with all my fat burner reviews I will tell you about the ingredients in Tone Complex, and of course I’ll tell you if the Tone Complex actually works and is effective at burning fat. I’ve had really good success with some fat burners while some others have not done as much for me. I was interested to see if Tone Complex would deliver! After we talk about the effects I will have a little fun with the review and talk about the label design. Believe me, the looks are important. LOL. That’s the summary of how I’m going to conduct this Nutrakey review. My plan is to give you a really good multi-dimension view of how Tone Complex stacks up against a highly competitive fat burning landscape. I’ll try and compare it to some of my favorites to make the experience more relatable for you. So if all of this sounds good keep on reading because I’m about to get this Nutrakey Tone Complex Review underway!

My Furian Review. That would have been a great title for this article because that’s exactly what it is. An Adaptogen Science Furian review. It’s actually the first one in the entire world I think because I did not see a single Furian review on the Adaptogen website yet. But this is excusable. After all, Adaptogen Science is a very young brand with lots and lots of growth ahead. Today I’m more than excited to tell you about Furian because this is a product that visually reminds me of one of my favorite fat loss supplements of all time. A fat loss supplement so legendary that it has dominated my top ten list of best fat burners for women for over two years. And you want to know why that is? It’s because I’m super lazy and haven’t updated the list like I was supposed to. And that’s why my Top Ten list of Fat Burners still says 2014 on it. But the point is this: Adaptogen Furian (hey that sort of rhymes) reminds me alot of Cellucor Super HD. From a packaging standpoint, that is. I was hoping that it would perform at the same high level. But guess what? It sort of didn’t. And in this Furian review I’ll tell you what makes it different from Super HD. So here’s how these fat burners work: I take them for two weeks, and then at the end I do a full review here on the site. I’ll talk about the ingredients and formula. Then I’ll talk about the packaging and labeling, and at the very end, just because I want to make you READ, I’ll tell you how this product actually worked for me. Sound good? Good. Get your reading glasses on because it’s time to get started on this Adaptogen Furian review.

This Nutrabio Thermofuel V9 for Women's Formula review is going to be so epic that you might have to take a water break halfway between and catch your breath. That is, if you are reading this review during a cardio session. Which would be very strange. Why are you reading fat burner reviews during your workout? Maybe you are thinking “this cardio is horrible, why do I have to go through all this pain to change my body”. Maybe this makes you think “Why can’t I just take a fat burner to change my body, because that would be so much easier!”. Well. That’s not such a crazy thought. And millions of people have that line of thinking. Which is why there are so many products like Nutrabio Thermo Fuel V.9 Women’s Formula. It’s also why this blog exists. To cut through the fat and tell you bluntly which of these products work, and which of these products don’t. In today’s ThermoFuel review I’m going to do just that. I’ll tell you if Nutrabio Thermofuel works, and I’lll tell you if the ingredients are safe and high quality. At the end of the review I’ll do a final review summary and pull in ALL the information that I’ve gathered on this fat burner and award a final score to the product. Sound good? I thought so. We’ve got a plan. Now let’s start the review.

Hello and welcome to my Inspired Nutraceuticals Ember or 3MB3R Platinum Heat Reserve Supplement Review. In this review I’m going to tell you all about if Ember is a worthwhile supplement to add to your stash. My fat burners typically follow a very strict protocol- so in case you are unfamiliar with my blog let me give you the brief overview of how this works. The first thing that I’ll do in this inspired Nutraceuticals review is tell you what’s going on in my life. This is something I like to do in my reviews to get me ‘warmed up’ and ready to tell you all about the fat burner or pre workout in question. Once we finally get to talking about the product itself, we’re going to have tons of fun discussing 3MB3R, or Ember, or whatever you want to call it! Ugh. Why must they confuse us with these product names by putting numbers mixed in with letters? It’s crazy. But yes. We will begin by discussing the performance results and potential of this fat burning thermogenic powder. The brand claims that this is the most ‘well-rounded thermogenic powder ever made’ and I was excited to see if they were right. I’ll tell you if the product works, and then move into another critically important category of analysis which is the formula and ingredients section. This is where I let you know what’s actually in here, and if it’s a well thought-out fat burner. I’ll close things up with an overview of the label and package design because let’s face it- looks are important. At the very conclusion of the review we will award a final score to Ember fat burner. So. Shall we get started? I think so. Here it is folks- the BPW Official review of Inspired Nutraceuticals 3MB3R Ember Fat Burner.

Today I’m going to review Rok Hard Body Eliminator X Hers. This Eliminator X Hers Review will feature some of my finest analysis of a fat burning supplement to date. Here is how it will go: First, I’m going to talk about myself and what’s new in my life, because that’s how I start every review. I mean, this is my blog AND my supplement review site. It’s a hybrid. And you know you love it. After that, we’ll talk a bit about Rok Hard Body the company, how I found them, and what I make of the brand. It’s like a first impression type thing. Following that, I’ll finally talk about the performance of the product in question- which today is the Rok Hard Body fat burner for women. The reviews on this stuff are not very popular yet since it’s a new brand, so get nice and comfortable while I break it down for ya. Of course after we talk about if Rok Hard Body works, I’ll tell you about the ingredients and let you know if this is a high-quality formula or not. With those parts done, we’ll have some fun by talking about the label design and packaging. This should be a fun one. LOL. As with all my reviews we’ll wrap things up by pulling together a review summary and awarding a final score to this fat burner. So let’s get started on this official Rok Hard Body Eliminator X Hers Review.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 07:02

Lipodrene Reviews- Dangerous AND Ineffective

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Lipodrene reviews aren’t easy to find so I’m glad you’ve stumbled onto my blog. I think you’re going to see that a Fit Life Allie review is a little different from your standard supplement reviews. I give it to you straight. Really, really straight. Now, sometimes by me giving it straight, some people get their feelings hurt. But let’s face it, some of these products are downright lousy. And when they are, I just out and say it! I mean. I have reviewed over 150 supplements here on the blog, mostly fat burners, pre workouts, and protein powders. Many of them are fantastic, so be sure to check out my top ten lists for both pre workout and fat burners. But let me tell you how this Hi Tech Pharma Lipodrene review is going to work. First things first I will talk to you about what’s going on in my life because that’s what I always do. Yes this is a supplement review resource, but it’s also my blog. It helps me write reviews when I’m also sort of just letting all my thoughts flow onto the page. So after that part, I’ll talk about the performance of this fat burner and basically tell you if it works or not. Following the performance we’ll talk about the ingredients, labeling, and ultimately award a value grade to this fat burner. At the end I’ll put together a final Lipodrene fat burner review summary that ties together all the different pieces. Sound good? Good. Let’s get started.

In today’s review I’m going to discuss a brand new fat burner that I had the pleasure of trying and it’s called Bikini Bod. In my Bikini Bod Body Formula Review I’ll discuss every single element of the product so that you can have the knowledge that you need to decide if this product is for you. Luckily, you know that I am actually the leading authority when it comes to fat burner reviews and have done over fifty fat burner reviews (mostly female specific) on my site here. If you’re new to my reviews, let me explain the flow of how these fat burner reviews go. We start off by me telling you about what’s going on in my life, because let’s face it that’s more important than these supplements. It also helps me get my writing game going. After we do that (which is usually quite entertaining), we will start discussing the product in question, which today is BikiniBod. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be one word or two? Let’s just use both. So we start off all fat burner reviews with the performance evaluation. This is the most critical element and so it makes sense to talk about the performance first. I mean. If the product doesn’t work, I’m going to tell you straight up. If it does, you won’t find a bigger proponent for it than me. After we talk benefits we’ll go into detail on the supplement facts and ingredients to try and discover what’s in BikiniBod that makes it either effective or not. Our last criteria for judgement is a package design score. This is a fun one for me as a designer where we can breakdown the aesthetic appeal of the product as a whole. Looks have to count for something, right? That’s what my Mom told me. Jk. At the end of the review I’ll do a final review summary where we’ll tie everything together and award a final score to BikiniBod. Sound good? Good. So here it is, my official Bikinibod Review.

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Allie's Motiv8 Burn Review: Just Short of Brilliance

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Motiv-8 Burn reviews are practically non-existent online and, well, it was time to address that. Who better than your favorite online supplement reviewer, Fit Life Allie? I know you are as excited as I am for this Motiv8 Burn review so I’ll do my best to deliver on your high expectations. I can promise that this review will be both informative and entertaining- as all my fat burner reviews are. I’ll start off by talking about myself for about a paragraph or two, and at the same time offering a little bit of background information on this company that makes Burn- Motiv-8 Performance. The ‘Goal Driven Supplement Company’ will go under the microscope as I break down every aspect of this powdered fat loss drink. We’ll discuss the flavor and taste- ultimately leading to a determination of the best flavor of Motiv-8 Burn fat burner. Then we’ll move into a discussion of the performance and benefits of taking the product. Basically we want to know if Motiv-8 Burn works, right? Right. Following up that section we will talk a little bit about the ingredients in Burn so that you understand exactly what ingredients make up the product. I’ll close things up with an evaluation of the label and package design. Because let’s be serious- looks aren’t everything. They’re the ONLY thing. Yes, that’s a Floyd Mayweather quote. As with all my reviews I’ll finish this Motiv-8 Burn Review with a final review summary and appoint a final score to this weight loss supplement. So let’s get to it!

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My Rev Labs Revburn Review: An Average Performer at Best

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Ok This Rev Labs Revburn review is going to be a little bit lacking so please do bear with me. In this review I promise I will do my best to give you a good sense of what it’s like to take this fat burner from Rev Labs. I will document very clearly the two week stint that I did on Rev Labs and hope that it will help you decide if this is the right fat burning supplement for you. As with all my reviews I’m going to start things off by talking about myself. Because I am interesting and my life is super entertaining and I know you need to hear about all the drama that goes on in a typical Fit Life Allie day. So get SO excited for that part of the review. But eventually we WILL talk about Rev Labs Revburn Thermogenic Fat Burner, I promise. As I mentioned, we will start off with the performance benefits and effects. After that we’ll discuss the formula, and ingredients. I’ll close things off with a packaging review and analysis before leaving you with a synopsis in which we’ll award a final grade to this fat loss supplement. So with that outline in mind- let’s jump in. Here is my official review of Rev Labs Revburn Thermogenic Fat Burner.

Fate Furnace fat burner reviews are almost non-existent as this small supplement brand continues to grow into a legitimate contender in the sports nutrition scene. In this Fate Furnace review I’m going to tell you more about the companies second product and how it impacted me. We’ll discuss Fate Furnace in ever way possible- from the formula and ingredients, to the packaging, to the side effects (if there are any), and of course going into painstaking detail on the performance of the fat burner itself. I’ll describe for you the key changes that this product had on my physique during the three week trial that I underwent with Fate Furnace. By the end of my Fate Furnace review you will have a fantastic idea of what this product is all about and if it might be the right fat burning supplement for you. As with all Fit Life Allie reviews, I’ll give you plenty of entertainment value in the review as well. You know I like to have fun with these things! So let’s get this Fate Furnace Fat Burner Review underway!

Here we go again with a supplement review peeps. In tonight's review we’re going to be talking about XP2’s Metabolic Spike caffeine-free fat burning powder drink mix. In this in-depth Metabolic Spike Review I’m going to tell you so much about this product that you think you’re going insane from the amount of sheer knowledge pouring from your iphone screen into your brain. If you are in a Nutrishop at the time of reading, you might even ask the store attendant for a recovery drink from the fatigue that you experience while reading this Metabolic Spike review. I’ll lead off with an overview of the last 24 hours of my life because let’s face it the part of my reviews that you love the best is the first paragraph where I offer absolutely nothing of value to your life. And next I will discuss the taste of this stimulant free fat burner to give you an idea of what it’s like to sip on this here powder. The following paragraph is of utmost importance because I’ll tell you if this fat burning powder works for fat loss. The third section will go into detail on the formula and supplement facts panel so that we can take the ACTUAL ingredients into account and figure out how they work (or don’t) to burn fat. The final area we’ll cover in this Metabolic Spike Review will be the packaging review, which I do in all of my articles because, well, it’s fun for me. Whew. That was an unnecessarily long intro. Let’s talk about Metabolic Spike now, shall we? Yes. Let’s. Let’s Get this review started.

Natural Science Creation CUTS Review is here! And if my music cuts out one more time I’m going to throw my computer across the room and then march into the Comcast store and go crazy! Agh! It’s unbelievable that I pay over $200 dollars a month for this wifi and still can’t stream music. Unbelievable. You know what else in unbelievable? Unbelievably bad? Natural Science Creation CUTS. In this review I’ll tell you why I really don’t appreciate products like these. We’ll talk first and foremost about performance and about how the product impacts (or doesn’t) the body. I’m then going to discuss the ingredients (there aren’t many so that won’t take long). As with all my reviews I’ll spend some time talking about the packaging and then close it all up with a comprehensive review summary- think of that part like the ‘sparknotes’ of the review. I don’t think this review will be terribly long (no foreshadowing there wink wink) so let’s get it over with- my Natural Science Creation CUTS review:

Sweet Sweat is one of those products that you can ignore for a pretty long time (like how about three years), before at some point you’ve just got to put pen to paper and do a review. How crazy is it that pen literally never gets put to paper anymore. Crazy. As a matter of fact I just recently came to the realization that there literally isn’t a pen in my apartment. Wow. But. Yes. As you may have guessed, today’s review is all about Sweet Sweat …gel. I guess I’m going to categorize it as fat burning gel here on the site. The Sweet Sweat review is certainly a first for my blog here- as literally all of the preceding reviews have been traditional forms of dietary supplements. That means either powders or pills. But what happened is that so many of you have reached out to me asking about this product that I just had to get my hands on some and give it an actual test. So let’s get right into it- My Sweet Sweat Review.

Hello hello and welcome to yet another Fit Life Allie supplement review. I’m jazzed up and refreshed and ready to go today so put your hard hat on and let’s get to it. Today we are reviewing the Hypercor fat burner slash diet pill from Katalyst Nutraceuticals. Yes that’s Katalyst with a ‘K’. And don’t you forget it! LOL. In this in-depth review we’re going to talk about how this fat burner works over the course of a three week trial run with the product. Holy crap this song is good. (Paul Van Dyk ‘Lights’ Remixed by Giuseppe Ottaviani). Ok back to Hypercor. Wow we aren’t even past the summary yet and I can’t even keep my focus here. I love ADD. Not. Hypercor. Yes. We are going to talk about if this product actually burns fat and can help you lose a few pounds. We are going to talk about any side effects, and of course spend some time focusing on the formula itself. As with EVERY Fit Life Allie review we are also going to break down the label design and make fun of it, so please do stay tuned for that. Woo. Intro is over. Let’s get serious and talk about Hypercor. My goal of course at the end of this Hypercor review is to first and foremost entertain you, but secondarily, help you decide if it is right for you. Let’s hit it!

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Genetx Burn for Her Review- A Winner or a Dud?

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Hi everyone welcome to my Genetx Burn review! In today’s in-depth article I’ll detail the performance of this new fat loss supplement, and basically let you know if it’s worth trying. As with all fit life Allie reviews I’m going to start by rambling about nothing in particular just because I know you love hearing about what’s going on in my life. Eventually we will get into talking about Genetx Burn Fat Burner for Her, which is actually a pretty decent performing product. I’ll tell you about the main effects that I personally noticed from taking Genetx Burn, and also tell you about any downsides or side effects. We will then discuss the supplement facts panel and list out all the ingredients in this fat burner. I’ll follow that up with a brief commentary on what my favorite ingredients within the product are. Lastly we’ll talk about the labeling and appearance of Genetx Burn. At the very end we’ll review all the information and award a final grade to Genetx Burn. So. How about we dive in with this Genetx For Her Burn Review!

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My Shred Jym Review: Mr. Stoppani Does it Again!

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Today I’m going to do a little Shred Jym review for you. In my Shred Jym review, we’ll discuss all sorts of things. The first thing we are going to talk about is the pure effectiveness of the product. I mean my goal is to give you a sense of if this product works or not. I think you’ll find that the product is indeed quite effective and will help you meet your fat loss goal. Jym is one of the foremost health and nutrition experts in the entire world, so I think that has alot to do with how effective the product is. Once we cover off on the effects of Shred Jym, we’ll discuss the ingredient deck so that you can have a better understanding of what actually goes into this fat burner. Towards the end of the Shred Jym review we’ll give the label a good going-over (nice-verb). We’ll close with a value assessment and final score. So without much further ado, here it is. My official Shred Jym fat burner review.

Legion Phoenix is a fat burner by Legion Athletics- the company that is backed by science and proven by you. I had the pleasure of bench testing this fat burning product for the duration of two weeks. During that time I logged some of the key effects of the product so that I could share with you, my beautiful Fit Life Audience, how this product performs. In this in-depth review I’m going to focus on mainly how this product worked for me, but I am also going to talk about the ingredients, any side effects I experienced, and even this products packaging. As with all Fit Life Allie reviews, I’ll do my best to keep things as easy-to-understand as possible. So. Let’s get this review underway and talk about the Phoenix fat burner.

Today I’m going to share with you my review of Unico’s Vulcan Advanced Fat Burner. I’ve been using this product for about two weeks now, and I must say that the results have been truly spectacular. In this in-depth review I’m going to tell you all about this fat burner for women and how it has benefitted my physique (and therefore my life). I’ll share my 15 day log of what I noticed while taking Vulcan-  which will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of performance if you are thinking about buying this muscle toning supplement. I’ll then cover off on the ingredients so that you have a better understanding of just what exactly is in here, and how it actually works in your body. As with all Fit Life Allie reviews, I’ll spend some time towards the end of the review discussing the packaging and overall appearance of the product. We’ll close things out with a review summary and finally award a final grade to this fat burner. So without much further ado- let’s jump right in. Welcome to my totally informative, moderately entertaining, and brutally honest review of the Unico Vulcan fat burner.

Today’s review will be on the Slender Blend capsules, by Protein World. This will be the second Protein World product that I’ve reviewed here on FitLifeAllie, and I’m actually super stoked to give these little fat melters a serious bench test. In this in-depth article we are going to do a few things: First off we are going to ramble for about two paragraphs about nothing in particular, because that’s just how we do here on FitLifeAllie. It’s why you love me. EVENTUALLY we are actually going to talk about the product in question today, which is Protein World’s best-selling diet pill, the Slender Blend capsules. Sort of confusing because their protein powder is also named ‘Slender Blend’. But. Hey. We all graduated college here, we can handle this. Just to be clear, this is the Slender Blend CAPSULE review. Got it? Good. So we’ll babble about nothing, then we’ll talk about my experience with these fat burners. I’ll tell you how long I took them, when I took them, and basically if they worked (for me). After we talk about performance, we’ll talk about the ingredients so that I can help you figure out just what is in here from a formula standpoint. We’ll close things up with a packaging review, and then tie it off with a bow and assign a final FLA score. So buckle up (clever, since I’m on a plane), and get ready for the OFFICIAL FLA Protein World Slender Blend Capsule reviews.

In this review I’m going to go in-depth on the BPI Roxy fat burner. Roxy reviews are actually kind of hard to come by to the level of detail that you are really comfortable trying the product, so hopefully this article will fill the void. I’m going to tell you all about my three week trial run with Roxy and focus in on the effects and changes that it made in my physique and my body. I’m going to pay extra special attention to how I felt after I took it, because some of these fat burners can make you feel on top of the world and full of energy. I was curious if this was one such product or if it would be just sort of, meh. I’m also going to talk about the supplement facts panel and sort out if the formula itself is worth your time. I’ll wrap things up with a packaging grade, and then finally assigning Roxy it’s Official BPW Fat Burner Review Grade. Will BPI be the crown-holder of our 2015 inaugural best fat burner for women? Let’s find out.  

Today I will be reviewing Performix SST - which stands for ‘Suspension Super Thermogenic’. This is a fat burning supplement that was recommended to me by one of my readers, so I thought I might as well give it a try. In this in-depth write up I’ll tell you literally everything you need to know about this product. I’ll spend most of the article talking about SST’s benefits and will assign it a performance grade accordingly. The performance grade will be one of the most important elements when awarding SST it’s official BPW grade 1-10. In addition to the performance review I’ll discuss every single ingredient in here so that you can get a good idea for what’s actually in this product. I’ll finish things up with a few thoughts on the Performix SST packinging, and then conclude with the review summary- within which I will give out a value grade to the this supplement. By the end I think you will know if this is a product that might be right for you. Without further delay, let’s hop right in - our official BPW Performix SST review!

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1st Phorm Bliss Review- Is it Worth $60?

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1st Phorm (can I please just spell it First Phorm?) is a company that came across my radar because of Instagram. I had never heard of or seen the products before one of my friends told me to follow this super motivational guy on the IG. I’m a big fan of being inspired and motivated (who isn’t right?) so I gave him a follow. And wouldn’t you know it, the same guy actually is the owner of a massive supplement company! I’ll tell you more about who this mystery man is in a second but let me finish my lead in first. Bliss is the thermogenic fat burner from 1st Phorm Supplements and is the very first product that I’ve tried from the brand. I’m going to go in depth on Bliss and tell you if the product works, if it has any negative side effects, and also discuss the feature ingredients. I’ll lighten things up and discuss Bliss packaging, because we all know that looks are of utmost importance! We’ll finish as always with a value score that advises the overall final grade. Without taking any more important time let’s dive in headfirst into the very ‘first’ 1st Phorm review: 1st Phorm Bliss.

Today we’re going to review Stance Supplements Women’s Thermogenic. I found this product at Nutrishop downtown the other day and thought that I’d do a review on it. I’ve actually had several of you contact me about this particular fat burner, and am glad I finally got a chance to write a full review. This is a stimulant-based thermogenic made for women, and is one of the more popular ones out there. In this review I’ll tell you about the three week run that I had with this product. I’ll focus on how it impacted my body and musculature. I’ll tell you about any side effects that I experienced, the formula itself, and basically everything and anything related to Stance Women’s Thermogenic. I’ll conclude the review as always with a value assessment, which will lead us to Stance’s final grade. Let’s take a Stance and jump right in- The BPW Official Stance Women’s Thermogenic Review!

In today’s review we’re going to talk about an unfortunate failure of a product called Redux by Prime Nutrition. You know from reading my blog that I give it to you straight. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you are a Prime Nutrition fan, or worse yet an employee, I want to personally warn you that this review if not going to be fun for you. If you are not a stakeholder of any kind, you should sit back, grab some popcorn, and just enjoy the public execution that is my official Prime Nutrition Redux review.

In today’s review, I’m going to do a complete rundown of Smart Weight Loss, a fat burning supplement from Stronggirl supplements. Stronggirl products are brand new to the market and as is such, I’m happy to be the first blogger to have opportunity to conduct an in-depth review of the Stronggirl products. In the coming days, I’m going to do complete reviews for Smart Weight Loss, Pre Workout, and Isolate (the protein supplement). Keeping in line with my other fat burner reviews- I’m going to talk first about the effectiveness of the product- AKA does Stronggirl Smart Weight Loss actually work? Then I’m going to take a peek under the hood to grade the ingredients and formula. We’ll finish on a lighter note with a packaging review, and then round it all up with a final score. Are you excited? I am. Let’s jump right in, the water’s warm! (Er. Getting warmer anyways). Here’s my official review of Stronggirl Smart Weight Loss:

In todays review I’m going to tell you about a product called Quadralean, from RSP Nutrition. This will be my first RSP review to date, and I will admit I am excited to finally tell you about a product from a company that I have no past experience with. My Quadralean analysis will include a detailed account of the three week trial run I did using this fat burning supplement. I’ll tell you the effects that it had on my body, and also discuss the formula behind the product. I’ll of course evaluate the label- and wrap things up with an overall assessment of the product’s value as a weight loss supplement, taking the cost and price per serving into account. Ready? I am. Let’s get to it: The official BPW review of RSP Nutrition’s Quadralean Fat Burner.

Today’s review I’m going back to the fat burner reviews with a product called Lean Fat Burner For Her - a thermogenic from relative newcomer Fit Affinity. I’ve had a fantastic three week run with this product and I’m excited to share my results with all of you. In this article I’m going to discuss first and foremost the effectiveness of the product. This is a fat burner, and it is expected to burn fat. If it did- it is a successful product, and if not, well, I’ll let you know about it. I’m also going to cover the ingredients, packaging, and of course concluded with a value assessment to show you whether or not this product is worth the money. So let’s get started: Our official BPW review for Lean Affinity’s Lean Fat Burner for Her

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. And that’s why it’s the perfect day for my 360 Slim review. 360Slim For Her is a fat burner that I tried, because, let’s face it, I’ve tried almost every product on the market by now. I stumbled upon this product after doing a basic online search for new products, and figured I’d give it a shot. The reviews were positive for the most part- so how bad could it be? Let’s go in depth and find out.

In today’s review I’m going to tell you all about the Diva fat burner from HIT Supplements. As you know, beach season is just around the corner, and we’re all trying to lose those last few inches from our waistline, or drop those last few pounds. I grabbed bottle of Diva Women Only Fat Burner to see if it was the magic bullet that could take me there. So how did this product perform? I’ll tell you all about the performance, any side effects, and conclude with an overall assessment of value. Let’s get started: my HIT Supplements Diva Fat Burner Review!

Thursday, 19 March 2015 16:09

Fitmiss Tone Review - Cheap and Worth a Hail Mary

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Today I will review Fitmiss Tone- the CLA supplement from Musclepharm’s Fitmiss brand. I’ll talk about the product performance from the standpoint of if it really does help ‘tone’ the body and improve the muscle:fat ratio. I’ll also pull back the curtain on the supplement facts panel and tell you exactly what is in the product. As with all my reviews I’ll finish off with a review of the packaging and then wrap things with a final grade, taking the price and overall value into consideration. Let’s get into it. My official BPW Fitmiss Tone review

Today’s review I’ll go over NDS Nutrition’s ‘Specialized Body Toner’ called Censor. I got my hands on a jar of Censor and gave it my standard package 3 week run so that I could get a good feel for the effects of the product. In this in-depth analysis I’ll tell you everything about this diet pill. I’ll start in with a narrative of my time taking Censor and basically tell you if Censor works. I’ll transition into a deep dive on the supplement facts and tell you what’s actually in here. I’ll wrap things up on a lighter note with a full packaging review, and of course finish with an evaluation of the product value and official BPW grade. Without further ado, here it is folks- the official BPW NDS Censor review

Today’s review is on CLK Fourth Generation Fat Burner by Cellucor. I’ve been getting asked about his product for several weeks now and figured it’s time to give this product an official BPW review! In this in depth analysis I’ll tell you about the ingredients, side effects, and ultimately if this product works. I’ll finish with an overall assessment of the product’s value to help you decide if this is the right fat burner for you.

Coming off a remarkably unhealthy weekend, I decided it was time to jump back on to the fat burner train. And what better way to do it than to review another one of the eighteen thousand Hydroxycut products! These products are so popular and common that I could probably review one of them every day and not even keep up to date as they release new ones THAT consistently. In this in depth analysis, I'll tell you about my experience with Hydroxycut Max for Women. I'll go into the benefits, any side effects, and finish with an overview of the ingredients and assessment of value. Without further ado - here it is: My Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Max for Women Review.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 19:55

Oxyshred Review- Powdered Fat Burning at its Finest

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EHP Labs Oxyshred Reviews: Going in Depth

The very first fat burning drink review on BPW4W is Oxyshred by EHP Labs. I'm so excited to share my experience with this delicious new product with you. I'll help you decide if Oxyshred is the right product for you by going over the overall peroformance, the side effects, and even taking a close look at the ingredients in Oxyshred and what they do. If you're considering a new fat burning product give this in-depth review a read-it'll help.

Friday, 19 September 2014 20:18

Liporush Reviews

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Liporush came across my radar shortly after I posted my review of NDS Nutrition's Popular Pre Workout 'Cardio Cuts'. I really did enjoy my experience with the company's pre workout, so I figured I should probably get my hands on some of their take on the diet pill - Liporush. I was pleased to see that NDS actually just released a new verison of their Liporush product- Liporush DS. So without further ado, here is my official BPW review of Liporush DS!

Shredz for Her Reviews- Don't Both with This Fat Burner

Shredz fat burner for women has mixed reviews all over the internet. It clearly comes from a company that has a solid grasp of the market- so I knew I had to get my hands on it and see if it could withstand a thorough BPW4W review.

Friday, 22 August 2014 05:06

Lipo 6 Black Hers Reviews

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The second fat burning diet pill for women that I had to try was Nutrex Research Lipo 6 Black Hers. Lipo 6 black hers reviews that I had read to this point were for the most part positive, which was my main reason for trying it. I've been trying to cut down a little bit recently to try and get my core leaned out a little bit for a big independence day cookout, so I figured what better time than now to try out a new diet pill. Without further ado, here it is- the official PBW4W review of Nutrex Research Lipo 6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate, I hope you find it informative!

Tuesday, 05 August 2014 04:51

Shred Her Reviews

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NLA’s Shred Her Fat Burner- Strong Product from NLA

My friend Sean is the reason why this review for NLA for Her Shred Her fat burning diet pill was made possible. After sampling some of the most popular diet pills and fat burners on the market, I was struggling to find my last few candidates for the top 10 diet pills for women of 2014. It wasn't until Sean sent me the link to NLA for Her Shred Her that I even knew it existed. While his motivation for sending me the link was for less constructive purposes, he actually saved me the effort of tracking down this awesome new candidate for my diet pill reviews. Without further ado- let's get in-depth with NLA for Her Shred Her.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 04:07

Fitmiss Burn Reviews

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Fitmiss Burn - Another Strong product from Musclepharm

Overview: After reading all the positive reviews of Fitmiss Burn, I knew it was one of those diet pills that I simply had to try. After reading through the description of this fat burner, I became even more convinced that Fitmiss Burn was a prime candidate for an official BPW diet pill review. After all- the folks at Musclepharm (aka Fitmiss), claim that Burn can deliver results in less than two weeks. For those of you keeping up with my other women's diet pill reviews- you know that this is the exact length of time that I've been running the other products. Two weeks of consistently clean diet and hard exercise, followed by an official score. After the solid performance of Fitmiss Ignite, which is the pre workout offering from Fitmiss, I had high hope for Burn. So how did this diet pill stack up? Keep reading for my offical Fitmiss Burn reviews.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 05:14

Cellucor Super HD Reviews

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Super HD Reviews - The Chrome Champion

Cellucor is a company that has recently taken the sports supplement world by storm in the last few months. Reviews for all Cellucor products, such as their award-winning pre workout C4, have all been so overwhelmingly positive that I knew I had to give their diet pill a go- even if it isn't made specifically for women. I contacted Cellucor and confirmed that it was ok for women to take Super HD- and the guy that helped me told me that it was bascially made for women- so I was good to go. After having a particularly unhealthy fourth of July holiday, I was more than ready to try Cellucor Super HD fat burner, and give it an official BPW review.

Thursday, 17 July 2014 08:32

BSN Hyper Shred Reviews

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One of the final contestants in this years BPW4W top ten best diet pills for women is BSN’s Hyper Shred. After reading several Hyper Shred reviews myself, I was super excited to try out this fat burner from industry staple BSN. As one of the ‘founding fathers’ of sports supplementation, I knew I had to include an entry from BSN in my official reviews. Now some of you may ask- is this really a product FOR women? The answer is - no - not really. But after doing plenty of research myself, I discovered that Hyper Shred was designed for maximum effectiveness in both men AND women. Needing no further rationale, I got myself a 90-count jar and launched headfirst into a three-week long cycle with BSN’s hyper fat burner. Read on for the official BPW Hyper Shred Reviews.

The reviews of Xenadrine started pouring in a few years ago when the product first made it’s way onto the fat burning diet pill scene. Xenadrine became a key player mostly due to it’s promotion from the notorious Jersey Shore character Ronnie promoting the product. I took note of Xenadrine’s fat burning product because it had the backing of Ronnie. I guess he was pretty lean, right? Maybe it would do the same for me- (hopefully without giving me the roid-rage). Keep reading for my Xenadrine review!

Hydroxycut SX-7 reviews are pretty common. But not on this blog. I started this blog a few years ago to give my readers some ideas on what pre workout supplements might work best for them. I've had several fans ask me if I would consider branching out into other areas and adding some other types of products to my review site, and although my site IS called bestpreworkoutforwomen.com, I thought it was a really good idea, and would give me a chance to try some awesome new products while providing some important feedback to my readers. You will two new exciting sections to BPW4W in the coming weeks- one of which is our new diet pill review sections. As the debuting review in the diet pill sections, I am so excited to give you my Hyrdrocut SX-7 reviews.