Monday, 01 July 2019 19:56 Published in CBD Reviews

I’m starting to see Recess CBD reviews come up in all kinds of places and it’s pretty impressive to see how big of a splash the carbonated CBD-infused water is making. In my Recess CBD review I’m going to go a little more in-depth than most of these other, more topical articles you’ve probably been finding. Not only am I going to go super deep on describing EACH flavor but I’m going to tell you what the BEST FLAVOR of Recess CBD is, and which I recommend trying first before the rest. The other thing I’m going to do is talk a little bit about how it felt to drink Recess- basically I want to help you figure out ‘does Recess CBD work?’. The answer might surprise you. The last thing I’ll do is analyze the Recess CBD packaging before wrapping things up with a final Recess CBD review summary. So get excited because Math class is over and it’s time to take a Recess drink review.